The auction is a time-proven and highly effective method of selling real estate that offers many advantages over the traditional method of selling property. With extensive marketing and a predetermined auction sale date, the greatest advantage of the real estate auction process is that it puts the seller in control of when and how the property will be sold.

Why Auction?

  • Creates competition: when bidders compete, sellers win.
  • Establishes a floor and eliminates the ceiling on pricing
  • Seller has full control (when, where, how much, terms, conditions, etc).
  • Fully transparent and recognized as being fair to all parties in the marketplace
  • Only method that truly reveals the current fair market value
  • Satisfies governmental and judicial requirements
  • Creates excitement within the marketplace
  • Creates a sense of urgency that cannot be duplicated by any other method of marketing
  • Auctions are effective, exciting, and immediate
  • Integrated home warranty plans
  • Facilitate 1031 Exchanges with speed and ease
  • Unlimited flexibility using multi-parcel auctions, live internet simulcasts, and hybrid auctions

Why to Place your Trust in Jones Swenson Auctions?

  • A company that offers a proven support system built and tuned for excellence over 35 years
  • Exceptional culture that places a very high value on trust, excellence, integrity and a higher purpose in all that we do
  • National advertising tools which generates cost effective lead flow for marketing your property
  • Extensive support team consisting of leading industry professionals to help you win your auction event and deliver huge results.
  • Training & continuing education to ensure our auctioneers are the best of the best

Initial Consultation

We know time is a critical factor in the sale of any property. So we make the most of your time, right from the start. It all begins with a confidential consultation that will set the stage for an active and engaging auction process.

At this initial consultation, a Jones Swenson Auctions professional will:

  • Provide an in-depth review of the process.
  • Convey recent industry trends.
  • Gather appropriate property information.
  • Conduct an informal property inspection.
  • Discuss next steps and develop a timeline.

Let us show you how we can sell your property in 30-60 days. Call (512) 261-3838.