Aerospace Manufacturing & Testing Equipment – Online Auction

Port San Antonio – San Antonio, TX

Surplus aerospace manufacturing & testing equipment selling with no reserves.


Begins: 10/09/20 at 10:00 AM CDT
Ends: 10/28/20 at 9:00 AM CDT

Aerospace Manufacturing &

Testing Equipment

Surplus Equipment – Online Auction

Port San Antonio

Auction Site: 3902 SW 36th St., San Antonio, TX

Lots Open for Bidding October 9

Lots Begin Closing October 28th at 9am

DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE: Governement paperwork to clear this equipment for sale has been held up due to the Covid 19. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. 


 Moore Vertical Jig Grinder Model #3

Cincinnati Milacron Vertical CNC Machining Center

 Aerolyte Systems Grit Blast Cabinet

Hauser CNC Vertical Grinder, Model S50CNC311

Cincinnati Milacron 74STD 30″ Internal Grinder

Allison Speed Decreaser Test Assembly

Allison Special Tool #3780, Grinder, Vertical Jig

CompAir D115 Test Set Detorquer on Casters

Cincinnati Milacron Universal Grinding Machine

Leblond Regal Lathe, 24″ x 72″

GE Lube Pump Test Stand

Despatch Thermal Drying Oven

Zero Product Model 6x6x5 CAB Grit Blast Machine 

GE Ignition Exciter Tester

Purging Box, on Casters

Fan Tachometer Test Stand

Stewart Warner Model 2410C Electronic Balancer

Allison Comp. Rotor Dynamic Balancer Shroud

GE Oil Preservation Stand

R & D Model A300 Hazard Tank

Bendix Exciter Test Stand 

Howell Jetcal Analyzer/Trimmer

SATEC Model 5500 T5000 Coupon Tester

HeatCon Model HCS9200 Composite Repair System

COMCO Model WS2200-3 Grinding Booth

Chatillon Spring Tester Model MST-50

Lecroy Model 9420 Oscilloscope Dual 350 MHz

GEBO Model DC80D Tweezer Welder

Tenney Jr. Oven


  Removal: Tuesday September 1st & Wednesday September 2nd only, by appointment. If you cannot remove your purchases within this timeframe, do not bid. DFW Movers & Erectors will be the only riggers allowed on the property. Their fees for loading each piece of equipment is included on the expanded description for each heavy lot. Contact Sandra Wentrcek at DFW at (210)294-4010 for questions regarding loading. “

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W. Scott Swenson, CAI, GPPA – Texas Auctioneer License #7809




Port San Antonio Surplus Equipment – Online Auction

Auction Location: Port San Antonio, , San Antonio, TX 78226




These are the Terms and Conditions of Sale for this online auction. They consist of this introduction and eighteen numbered paragraphs that outline the relationship between you (“the Bidder”) and Jones Swenson Auction Marketing, Inc. dba Jones Swenson Auctions (“Auctioneer”).

If you want to bid in this online auction, you will first have to certify that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.  Such certification will function as your legal and binding electronic signature.  If you choose to make this certification, these Terms and Conditions will become binding both on you and on the Auctioneer, and all parties will be expected to abide by the Terms and Conditions if any issues arise in connection with this sale.  

Inspection / Preview time: Wednesday August 26th by appointment. Call (512)261-3838

1.   This is a Public Auction. By registering to bid in this auction, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions. Lots begin closing in numerical order at 9:00 AM CT on Thursday August 27th, 2020 and will close one lot every 60 seconds, with extended bidding in effect. Bidders must provide a valid credit card to register to bid online.

2.   Payment will be processed immediately after the last lot is sold on August 27th with the credit card buyer submitted at registration, unless buyer has made alternate payment arrangements PRIOR to the end of the auction by contacting Auctioneer at 512-261-3838 or email:  If credit card does not go through and buyer cannot be reached by cell phone within one hour, Auctioneer reserves the right to resell the items to the back-up bidder without notice. At the close of the auction, buyers will receive an “unpaid” invoice.  Once credit cards are run, an email confirmation & paid invoice will be emailed to buyer confirming process of payment. BRING YOUR PAID RECEIPT WITH YOU TO PICK-UP YOUR PURCHASES.  Payment can be made by VISA, MC, Discover, wire transfer, Bank ACH or by cash or cashier’s check.  Buyers should be available by cell phone (or other phone number provided at registration). Payment must be received by 2:00 PM CT August 28th, 2020 unless you plan to pay with cash or cashier’s check. Payment by cash must be made at the auction site on Tuesday September 1st, 2020 only. A paid invoice will be required to remove purchases. No items may be removed until payment is made in full.

3.   Buyer’s Premium: A 15% Buyers’ Premium will be added to each item purchased.  

4.   Texas Sales tax will be charged unless the buyer has provided a signed Sales Tax Resale Certificate or Exemption Certificate for this auction. Prospective buyers MUST fax or email their signed resale form prior to the end of the auction to (512) 261-9886 or NOTE: Texas Law requires the sales tax to be collected on the total price which includes the buyer’s premium.

5.   Removal: Tuesday September 1st & Wednesday September 2nd only, by appointment. If you cannot remove your purchases within this timeframe, do not bid. DFW Movers & Erectors will be the only riggers allowed on the property. Their fees for loading each piece of equipment is included on the expanded description for each heavy lot. Contact Sandra Wentrcek at DFW at (210)294-4010 for questions regarding loading. Payment for loading will be made directly to DFW Movers & Erectors. AUCTIONEER DOES NOT OFFER LOADING, ASSITANCE WITH LOADING OR SHIPPING. Bring whatever equipment (dollies, pallet jacks, etc.) and personnel that you need for removal or hire the rigger on site. Bring your paid receipt for removal. Anything remaining after removal time will be considered abandoned. The Auctioneer is not obligated to issue you a refund if you are unable to pick up and remove your items during the published removal times. 


 6. Everything is sold “As-Is”: All items in the auction are being sold, “as is, where is” without warranties or guarantees of any type and with all faults. AUCTIONEER AND SELLER EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM AND EXCLUDE THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Bidders should rely solely on their own inspection of all items prior to the sale and should satisfy themselves as to the usefulness and value of each item. Any statement in the description regarding the items to be sold should be considered a limited guide only. Any error in description does not relieve the buyer or his/her agent of their responsibilities to inspect. There are NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS.

7. Bidder’s Duty to Inspect and Investigate: You acknowledge that the Auctioneer is providing you with the opportunity to inspect the items being offered for sale in this auction.  The Auctioneer strongly encourages you to attend the scheduled inspection for this auction, which will take place on the date listed above.  If you choose not to attend the scheduled inspection or are in doubt about the condition, completeness, or suitability of a given item, please bid accordingly.   

8. Choose Wisely: We want everyone to get a good deal and most will.  However, when you bid on the wrong item or decide an item is not suited for your intended use, our sellers will not assume the cost of your mistakes.  You agree that your failure to inspect or otherwise become fully informed about the items offered for sale in this auction will not be grounds for a refusal to pay amounts due, nor for any claim against the Auctioneer. 

9. Buyer is Responsible: Seller, Auctioneer and Buyer expressly agree that Buyer is responsible for and agrees to indemnify Seller, Auctioneer and their respective affiliates for any and all damages (whether based on contract, tort, warranty, negligence, strict liability or any other legal theory, and including special, incidental and consequential damages), losses, expenses, attorneys’ fees, court costs, etc., that arise out of or result from the removal, possession or use of any  items purchased at this auction, or any other claim regarding the use or possession of any asset purchased at this auction.

10. Charge backs Prohibited: Buyer agrees that they will accept all charges placed on the credit card associated with your account, and you agree that you will not charge back any amount that the Auctioneer charges to your credit card.  You agree that this provision applies equally to amounts charged in connection with any items you have won and any buyer’s premium or sales tax applicable. 

11. Default and Resale:  You agree that if, after being declared the winning bidder, you fail to pay for any item that you have won for any reason, your account will be declared in default.  If you still fail to pay for any item after being notified of your account’s being in default, you agree that the Auctioneer will have the right to immediately resell your item, and you further agree to pay (a) any cost associated with the resale and (b) any deficiency between your original purchase price and the resale price. 

12. Disposal of Unclaimed Items:  In the event you refuse to pay for or abandon any item that you win at auction, the Auctioneer will have the option of reselling, removing, storing, or disposing of the unpaid-for or abandoned item.  You understand and agree that you will be personally responsible for all deficiencies – and all legal, collection, transportation, and storage expenses – associated with your delinquent account and/or abandoned items.  In the event of resale, you agree to pay any cost associated with the resale as well as any deficiency between your original purchase price and the resale price. 

13. Suspension of Bidding Privileges: You understand and agree that any violation of these Terms and Conditions — and/or any unsafe or illegal activity during any auction-related event — may result in the Auctioneer’s suspending your online bidding privileges indefinitely.  Nothing in this paragraph will limit the Auctioneer’s right to any other remedies at law or in equity. 

14.  Internet Problems: Auctioneer and Seller are not responsible for any internet connection problems that may occur during the auction. Bidders should understand that sometimes internet connection or delay problems do occur. Auction lots will not be re-sold or brought back up for bidding because of internet problems. If you have issues with placing bids, please contact HiBid Customer Service directly (352) 414-1947.

15. Missing Items or Items That Cannot Be Sold: In the event an item sold in the auction is found missing or is determined to be unavailable for sale or is not owned by the seller, prior to removal, the Auctioneer/Seller will only be responsible for the refund of the purchase price, buyer’s premium and any sales tax. Buyer agrees that the only compensation due them will be the refund of actual money paid.

16. Claims and Choice of Venue:  Any claim or controversy arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions, or to any breach thereof, will be resolved exclusively by a state court having jurisdiction in Travis County, Texas, or in the Federal District Court for the Western District of Texas, where federal jurisdiction exists.  Each party hereby submits to the jurisdiction and venue of such courts. You agree that all claims instituted by you will be litigated on an individual basis, and will not be consolidated with any claim made by another party.  You agree that any judgments awarded may be applied to and collected from you personally or corporately.  Should you file an action contrary to this paragraph, the defending parties may recover reasonable legal fees and costs.  Further, if you bring a claim against the Auctioneer and do not prevail, and/or if the Auctioneer takes action against you as a result of your violation of these terms and conditions and is the prevailing party, you agree that you will reimburse the Auctioneer for all reasonable legal fees and costs including reasonable attorney’s fees. 

17. Governing Law & Venue:  These Terms and Conditions will be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Texas.

 18. Entire Agreement:  These Terms and Conditions contain our entire agreement and supersede any prior oral or written agreements relating to the same subject matter.


For questions, please contact auction office: (512)261-3838 or


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